Organic Mustard Chop with Tangy Mustard and Sweet Rhubarb

Serving size: 2 people


  • 2 organic pork chops from Spray Creek Ranch

  • 2 stalks of rhubarb from Nutrient Dense Farm

  • 240 mL of Sly Fox - Sly and Tangy Mustard from WildCraft Organic

  • 120 mL Maple Butter from Maple’s Sugar Shack


  • Chop rhubarb into small 1/4-inch cubes

  • Place pork chops in large bowl and coat in Sly Fox - Sly and Tangy mustard - set aside

  • In a pan on medium-low heat, fry rhubarb with the maple butter (less one Tbsp) until rhubarb softens

  • In a separate pan on medium-high heat add a tablespoon of maple butter and sear pork chops, then turn down to medium and continue to cook until pork chops are cooked through, but still moist

  • Top pork chops with the cooked rhubarb mixture and enjoy!