Every market, there will be a fun craft for your kids to come and do with our market assistant while you can look around the market a bit!

Missed it? The same activity will be posted right here with a step by step tutorial so you can do it at home, along with other fun ideas!

Pop Bottle Terrarium (Craft from April 27 2019)

Pop Bottle Terrarium (Craft from April 27 2019)

Clothes pin Plane (Craft from September 1 2018)

Clothes pin Plane (Craft from September 1 2018)

Egg Carton Bugs (Craft from August 25 2018, May 4 2019)

Egg Carton Bugs (Craft from August 25 2018, May 4 2019)

Party Hats (Craft from August 18 2018)

Party Hats (Craft from August 18 2018)

Egg Carton Flowers (Craft from August 11 2018)

Egg Carton Flowers (Craft from August 11 2018)

God's Eyes (Craft from August 4 2018)

God's Eyes (Craft from August 4 2018)

Paper Plate Hand Fan (Craft from July 28 2018)

Paper Plate Hand Fan (Craft from July 28 2018)

Loom Weaving (Craft from July 21 2018)

Loom Weaving (Craft from July 21 2018)

Toilet paper roll bracelet (Craft from July 14 2018)

Toilet paper roll bracelet (Craft from July 14 2018)

Coffee filter butterfly (Craft from July 7 2018)

Coffee filter butterfly (Craft from July 7 2018)


Pop Bottle Terrarium



  • clear, empty plastic pop bottle with lid

  • gravel to line bottom of bottle

  • soil

  • small plants of your choice (moss, “weeds”, ivy all work great!)


  1. Have an adult cut the pop bottle about 1/2 way down, cut a couple of 2” vertical slits on the top and bottom halves of the bottle (this will help the top and bottom fit together again once you have finished)

  2. Fill the bottom with gravel, about two inches deep

  3. Fill the rest with soil, leaving about an inch or so of room at the top

  4. Dig a small hole in the soil (get your hands dirty!) in which to place the plant

  5. Place the plant in the hole, fill to the base of the plant with soil and slightly damp down the soil

  6. Water so the soil is moist, but not soaking wet

  7. Replace the top 1/2 of the bottle and remove to water - use a spray bottle instead of pouring water when the soil is dry.


Clothes pin Airplane



  • Clothes pin

  • Popsicle stick

  • Acrylic paint (and Brush)

  • Scissors

  • Hot glue

1. Paint and decorate the clothes pin and 2 1/2 popsicle sticks (cut the third popsicle stick in half).

2. Hot glue one stick to the top and one on the bottom of the clothes pin and the half on the back. (Use Picture above for reference)

3. Pin up your airplane or glue magnets to the bottom so you can put it on your fridge!


Egg Carton Bugs

egg bugs.jpg


  • Paper Egg Carton

  • Acrylic paint

  • Googly eyes

  • Paint brush

  • Pipe cleaner

1. Cut out the egg cartons and either cut out the cups together for the long bugs, or glue them together later. Make sure they are clean cut!

2. Paint up your bugs the colours you want! Make lady bugs, caterpillars, ants! 

3. Once they're dry, glue the googly eyes where you want! Next, poke a small hole where you want the legs to come out of and weave the pipe cleaners through. Make a small bend/ball at the end of the pipe cleaner inside the cup so you cannot see it from the outside. bend the legs the way you wish and have fun with your recycled creatures!


Party Hats And Pompoms

party hat.jpg


  • Thick paper (colour of you choice)

  • Yarn or string

  • Hole puncher

  • Elastic bands

  • Hot glue/stapler

  • Tape

For the hat:

1. Start by cutting a semi circle to make the hat. this shape might need adjusting to make it the size and hight you like. Use hot glue or a few staples to make it into a cone. leave a small hole on the top when folding. This will be for the pompom.

2. Use the hole puncher to make two holes on opposite sides on the bottom of the cone. Cut 2 elastic bands and tie each one to the hole you made and tie the two ends together to make the chin strap.

For the pompom:

1. To begin, tie a loop around your 3 fingers (4 for tiny hands!) with the yarn. Wrap the yarn loosly (to not cut off circulation) over and over until you think its enough. Wrap more for a fuller pompom, less for a more bare one.

2. Pull the yarn off your hand and be careful to not unravel it. The string will look like an "O". Make a VERY tight knot around one side of the "O". Now take the string that made the knot and tie it around the middle to make the "O" into an "8". Again, make to knot very tight. Make sure before you cut the yarn, there is at lease a few inches extra.

3. After its all tied up, cut each side of the "8" so there are 4 bunches of string. Play with the string so it is more like a ball and clean it up by cutting the long strands (keeping the strand long that was used for the knots) 

4. Weave the long strand through the small hole we made when making the hat. Pull it through and tape the strand to the inside of the hat so it doesn't fall off. Strap it to your head and party on!


Egg Carton Bouquet

egg flowers.jpg


  • Paper egg carton

  • Acrylic paint

  • Pompoms or sequins

  • Paintbrush

  • Pipe cleaners

  • Hot glue gun

1. First, cut out carefully each individual cup from the egg carton, make sure the edges are clean and then cut 4 pedals in each corner to make it more flower-like.

2. Paint each egg carton cup to make them colourful and beautiful! (Make sure they dry to more onto the next step!)

3. In the middle of the bottom, pierce a small hole so the pipe cleaner can go through. Weave it through and make a small ball on the end so when you pull it, it doesn't go back through. Hot glue it to keep it still and place a pompom on top. Bunch them together and put them in a vase or decorate with them!


God's Eyes

gods eyes.jpg


  • 2 popsicle sticks per gods eye (or chopsticks, full chopstick for a large gods eye, or half for a small one)

  • 1+ colours of string or yarn

  • Hot glue

1. Glue 2 popsicle sticks together to make them cross in the middle.

2. Double tie the first colour of string in the middle and begin by wrapping once around first point. Move to the next point with the string and go around it the same way as the first time.  *Wrap all the points the same way each time!*

3. Continue around each of the 4 points until you reach near the end of the sticks, or want to switch colour.

  • Switch colour- tie the end of string in use to the end of new colour. Continue as normal.

  • Finish- place your finger on the string on the popsicle so it doesn't move. With the other hand, make a long loop with the string and wrap the string around the bottom until you think it's tight enough. This will be how you hang your god's eye! Tie a knot so it doesn't unravel and hang it up!

(Craft from Saturday August 4 2018)


Paper Plate Hand Fan



  • Paper plate

  • 2 popsicle sticks (per fan)

  • Colours (markers, paint, glitter, etc)

  • Glue (preferably hot glue)

  • Scissors

1. First, cut paper plate in half.

2. Decorate! Customize your own fan any way you want!

3. (Optional) Fold plate back and forth from one corner to the other (like the picture above shows)

4. Use hot glue to glue popsicle sticks on each side on the flat side of the plate. Connect popsicle sticks so they create a "X" shape on the bottom of the plate. Wait for it to dry, and your done!

(Craft from Saturday July 28 2018)


Loom Weaving



  • Weaving loom

  • Yarn (Preferably minimum of 2 colours)

1. Follow instructions provided in weaving kit for beginning.

2. Use as many colours as you want by tying the new colour of yarn to the end of the yarn you started with, cut off excess and continue.

3. You can get creative with beads, ribbons, length or width! You can tie it together and make a bracelet, or leave it for a nice wall hanging or a book mark!

(Craft from Saturday July 21 2018)


Toilet Paper Bracelets



  • Toilet paper roll(s)

  • Glue (preferably white glue or hot glue)

  • Pipe cleaners or string

  • Decorations of your choice (Glitter, sequins, paint, markers, beads, stickers)

  • Hole puncher

  • Old paint brush for glue(Optional)

1. To start, cut the paper rolls along the side. Then you can cut strips out horizontally to the width of the bracelet you like. 

2. Get creative! Add all the paint, glitter, sequins that you like! You can make glitter shapes by painting on the shape you like with glue and pour glitter on it then brush away the extra.

3. With the hole puncher, put holes through both ends of the strip. With the pipe cleaner, feed through both holes and twist around each other so you can adjust it on your wrist. And you're done! Show off your new accessories! (Just don't get them wet!)

(Picture above from learncreatelove.com)

(Craft from Saturday July 14 2018)


Coffee Filter Butterflies



  • Flat coffee filters

  • Clothes pins

  • Markers

  • Googly eyes

  • Glue

  • Pipecleaners

  • Water or rubbing alcohol (optional)

1. To start, cut the coffee filter in half along the rim to create the wings. Now colour away! Make some awesome designs to your hearts content! After you are happy with what the wings look like, you can drop water or rubbing alcohol so the colours spread. This step is optional if you don't mind getting a little messy!

2. Next, get a clothespin and clip the inside of the wings so they bunch up a little. On the clothes pin, you can glue on the googly eyes and a pipe-cleaner shaped like a "V" to the top to create the antenna!

3. Make finishing details and you can hang up, decorate or give away your beautiful finished butterflies! 

(Craft from Saturday July 7 2018)