• Eggs from Stony Mountain Farms

  • Zucchinis, green onions, mixed leafy greens, rhubarb, basil, and pea shoots from Nutrient Dense Farms

  • Turnips, carrots, radishes, salanova and garlic scapes from Plenty Wild Farm

  • Rye Sourdough from Rising Knead

  • “Bitter Sweet” cider from Sea Cider

  • Filet Mignon from Spray Creek Ranch

  • “Spruce Salt” from the Salt Dispensary

  • Habanero Jelly from Moe’s Pantry

  • Strawberries from Mandair Farm



  • Cut up salanova

  • Finely slice rhubarb, turnips, carrots, strawberries, and radishes

  • Place finely sliced ingredients in bowl with salanova and add dressing of “Bitter Sweet” cider from Sea Cider and Habanero Jelly from Moe’s Pantry to taste.

Filet Mignon Steak and Eggs:

  • In a pan sautee the chopped zucchini, green onions, and garlic scapes with olive oil.

  • Lightly salt the filet mignon

  • Once vegetables are done cooking remove from pan and use the remaining oil to sear the meat

  • Once meat is finished searing, cut into thin strips

  • Well you cook the vegetables, in a seperate pan you can make an omelette with eggs, salting lightly, as well as toasting your bread.

  • Place all ingredients on a slice of bread and you have a delicious and nutritious meal to enjoy.